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Services Areas and the People Behind Them                    

Corrosion, Metallurgy, Piping

  • Engineering (metallurgical, welding, coating, corrosion, NDE)

  • Integrity Management (Fitness for Purpose, Risk Based Inspection)

  • Quality Management (assurance/control, auditing, inspection planning, management of change, nonconformance resolution)

  • Manufacturability (planning, cost, delivery)

  • Corrosion Control in Oil and Gas Industry, incl. drilling, offshore and onshore production operations, offshore platforms pipelines, refineries, chemical plants, and ships, areas of expertise in cathodes protection, coatings, pipeline coatings, corrosion resis

  • Corrosion testing and research for onshore/offshore production and marine operations. Research areas include flow effects and crude oil effects on corrosion, packer fluid corrosion, drilling fluid corrosion, stress corrosion and sulfide corrosion cracking, corrosion inhibitors, corrosion test technique development, high temperature pipeline coatings, heat transfer effects on corrosion and coatings, Cu-Ni alloy marine corrosion, high temperature seawater corrosion and alloy effects on marine fouling.



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